Graphyne molecular model / graphene bilayer photon absorption

Graphyne is made of carbon atoms, the atoms are arranged in a plane of uniform geometry. Graphyne’s molecular lattice has extraordinary properties and potential, most notable it being the nano technological equivalent to silicon wafers. Quantum tunneling is manifested within the nanorings perpendicular to the molecular plane. Monolithic Graphyne transistor arrays may soon be a reality.
Imagine “seeing” this section of molecular lattice oscillate as it incorporates energy in quantum increments. I speculate many strangely beautiful electromagnetic phenomenon emerge as macro-molecular structures function.
Graphyne technology will lead to dramatic technological innovations (quantum computing) that could create a post biological society, a world where our biological existence melds with our nano-mechanical/electronic creations.
This molecular model represents the structure and electromagnetic behavior of Graphyne. I have used animation and symbology to visualize the material.
Cultivating mystery is a powerful tool for spurring innovation in art and science.

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